Normalize COVID-19 Testing Names to LOINC Codes Introduction To efficiently conduct clinical studies across different institutions within a network, one requirement is to normalize clinical data to common data models (CDM)

MedTagger contains a suite of programs that the Mayo Clinic NLP program has developed in 2013. It includes three major components: MedTagger for indexing based on dictionaries, MedTaggerIE for information

PubTator provides automatic annotations of biomedical concepts such as genes and mutations in PubMed abstracts and PMC full-text articles [3-4]. Annotations can be viewed in a web interface or downloaded via RESTful API or FTP. Downloaded

About This open source pipeline aggregates public COVID-19 data sources, including COVID-19 hospitalization, ICU, and ventilator data for the countries listed in the Data Sources section. Adding other data types
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